Cake International

Cake International – yep, it’s a thing. To answer your first question – no, sadly it is not a day of endless tasting samples. However, head down to Ally Pally at the time of this event and you will see tables upon tables of what I can only describe as sugar sculptures. If nothing else it’s definitely up there in the list of random, bargain days out (£6 on Groupon) and would make bake-off contenders want to hide their ‘show stoppers’ in shame.
Competition is tough with each ‘class’ having a different set of rules – I was surprised to see how many amazing cakes were disqualified because not all of the decoration was edible or the internal support could be seen by the trained eye.
Categories included flowers, countries, fascinators, birthday, novelty, 3 tier wedding cakes and even ‘pushing the boundaries’ where ‘the only limit is the imagination’. Competitors are awarded a certificate of merit, bronze, silver or gold but not all make the cut – this is serious, ruthless stuff. All you need to know is that everything photographed for this post is made of sugar and cake. Well done to everyone who took part, I was certainly impressed! Here’s some of my favourites.