BB Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus


BB Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour allows you to climb on board a retro London bus and enjoy afternoon tea whilst an amusing guide gives you a tour of famous London Landmarks.  Throw in three friends and a much needed catch up and you are sure to get a whole lot of happiness out of this two hour ride. It is so much fun and a very unique experience.

This is the other end of the spectrum to a traditional tea, so perhaps not one for your Grandparents or fans of The Ritz. Nevertheless, the tea princess deep inside me accepted the lack of tea cups, channeled my “inner cool” and embraced the cute little branded flask (which you get to keep).

The food was good, but not plentiful, and we all craved a few more savoury bites. The scones come out later, so cream tea lovers should make sure they save some room.

I’d absolutely recommend the Afternoon Tea Bus for all its creative little quirks and for my love of London, but sadly not for my love of tea.