Beaumont’s Bakes


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the amazing wedding of my lovely friends Katie and James. Of course there are many photos of the stunning bride and handsome groom, but I couldn’t resist giving the incredibly talented Hannah of Beaumont’s Bakes a mention for her delicious funfair themed wedding cake tiered with carrot, lemon drizzle and red velvet. Hannah kept the theme going with vanilla ice-cream cone cakes and toffee-fudge popcorn cupcakes.

All guests at the wedding were spoilt with delicious food throughout the day, but despite being stuffed people were making sure they had their share of these phenomenal cakes. I was completely shocked when I read on Hannah’s page this was her first wedding cake. I know who I’ll be using if I ever tie the knot!




Cabbages & Kings


Have you ever been out for brunch and seen eggy crumpets, with maple syrup, streaky bacon and tomatoes on the menu? I’ve only had it once at Cabbages and Kings, a converted old post office, in Halstead Kent. How was it? A dream – and I can’t wait to go back for more. In fact, I absolutely loved the variety and pure classics on their brunch menu..I must say it definitely beats the lunch experience I had there once before.

Crumpets_n 4As you may know I am adamant that brunch isn’t over until you’ve had dessert and Cabbages and Kings is PERFECT for this with a wide selection of cakes on display. The lemon, blueberry and elderflower cake is a must. You can also have a little browse in their charming shop afterwards. I left full of cake and armed with a gorgeous blush pink vase for my new home. All in all a pretty successful Saturday morning (even if I did spend 3 hours of it gossiping and drinking tea).

The downside? You absolutely must book in advance and it’s not open on Sundays.

Madhatter’s Tea at The Sanderson Hotel


Finally, this Alice in Wonderland fanatic got to spend an afternoon down the rabbit hole at the Sanderson Hotel London.

I’ve seen so many pictures of this afternoon tea I thought I wouldn’t find it that exciting – been there, done that, seen the Instagram – but I was wrong. I loved it and it definitely lived up to the hype.

The theme is top notch with special Alice in Wonderland flavoured teas (the green tea with mango Mad Hatter was my favourite), red velvet ladybird cakes and chocolate caterpillars.Drink-me_n

The savoury bites were unusual, and delicious, with a white crab éclair, salmon scotch egg with caviar and crowd pleaser goat cheese croque-monsieur. Round it off with a surprise passionfruit ice-cream served in a flower pot and you have some very happy guests who are glad they weren’t ‘late for tea’.

I loved sitting outside by the water fountain in the conservatory too. We were bold enough to delve further into Wonderland, exploring glass walled bars, a space themed lift and various wacky chairs around the hotel. Seemed a shame to grow back into the real world…