108 Pantry (Marylebone, London)


When having dinner at Brasserie 108 in Marylebone, I was thrilled to pass through the curtains and discover what felt like a ‘secret room’ – the gorgeous 108 Pantry at The Marylebone Hotel. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to come back for a little treat.

Unfortunately, with a hectic start to the year I did not have time for their full afternoon tea (which looks amazing and even manages to include a curious ‘healthy option’), but was able to pop in for their £5.50 tea and cake combo during my lunch break. Boy am I glad I did. If you’re ever looking for somewhere special to unwind with a warm pot and nice slice of cake, I cannot recommend the Pantry at 108 Marylebone enough. Make sure you do order cake though, as the tea alone is £4.00 so it’s not to be missed for the extra £1.50.

The room is modern yet homely, with large brightly coloured chairs making the open space comfortable and welcoming. We didn’t have to ask for a ‘nice table’ as you do in some places, and weren’t sat by other customers for convenience, but placed in the beautiful bay window looking out on the red brick of Marylebone.

They have a large selection of cakes, including gluten free, displayed in beautiful glass cases so there’s no shame in eyeing them all up to make your selection while staff recommend their favourites. I opted for the Strawberry Cheesecake Sponge which was perfect. The tea is also delicious, served loose leaf of course, and accompanied by a lovely striped tea set I would want to buy for myself. I can’t wait to return.




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