My Top 5 Teas: The Health Benefits of Tea


The New year is nearly upon us, so most will be looking for ways to detox and start 2016 with a healthy spring in their step. Here are my top 5 teas, with details on their health benefits, to help you get started on the right path:

1) Lemon and Ginger Tea
With vitamin C in the lemon and anti-oxidants in the ginger, this immunity boosting tea has helped me fend off the colds and bugs so easily caught in the festive season. The tea is also known to be great for skin and healthy hair growth.

2) Green Tea
Another tea full of anti-oxidants, widely publicised research suggests green tea aids weight loss and reduces the risk of some cancers, alzheimers disease and dementia. Green tea is also known for improving energy with its caffeine content. Yes, it does contain caffeine! My favourite tea to start the day. High quality tea leaves are best, but don’t have too many cups until you know how your body reacts. It’s powerful stuff!

3) Chamomile
My top health benefit of chamomile tea is its ability to calm and sooth for a peaceful sleep when taken before bed. Stressful day at work? This caffeine free cup will get you back on track.

Research also suggests Chamomile tea can help with skin conditions and inflammations, such as acne and eczma.

4) Peppermint
One too many mince pies? Peppermint tea is known to ease bloating and discomfort in the stomach. With a hint of liquorice, Aussie brand T2 ‘Tummy Tea’ is focused on exactly that.

5) English breakfast
A tea that’s good for the soul and the perfect match for a slice of cake. You can imagine my delight in discovering black tea is believed to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone). No wonder it brightens my day so much!

As with anything, tea is best enjoyed in moderation. Much to my disappointment, excess of anything is never a good idea!

Happy sipping and Happy New Year!

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