Contact The Elderly Afternoon Tea


Contact The Elderly  has been an established charity for over 50 years, with the aim of combating loneliness and social isolation among older people. How do they do it? With the help of fabulous volunteers who either host afternoon tea at their home, coordinate the monthly Sunday events or offer support as a driver.

I am very fortunate that my organisation sponsors Contact The Elderly by hosting a tea party for 25+ guests each Christmas. I am co-lead on the organising committee and love seeing the same guests return each year. I can’t think of a better way to spend my Friday afternoon than hearing all the stories of our guests over a pot of tea. If you’re interested in volunteering, in my experience, this is definitely a cause worth your time. See my post on top tips for hosting a tea party to help you get started, though for this particular afternoon tea I think your time and company are the key!

Compressed-Contact-The-Elderly-1 (1)

Check out the crowd pleasing Yule Log from our Afternoon Tea last Friday!




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